Here’s what some of our clients have had to say..

The guys were amazing as always! The singing, drumming and dancing was entertaining and high energy. The crowd loved the performance and enjoyed participating with the maracas. I know that if we book African Star for a performance it will go off without a hitch!

Nicole SpencerNando’s Australia

The students love Shabba. The drumming was fantastic! We all loved it & had a great time. Some of us (not me!) were complaining of sore hands!! It was interesting to see the kids respond to the drumming beats, particularly when coordinating left & right hand movements & also when beating on our left or right… the combination of listening, thinking & doing was difficult for some… but still very enjoyable for all…! Shaba (sorry not sure of the spelling of his name) was great with the musicality of the activity but also shared his own personal experience of growing up in Ghana. The kids & the parents responded really well to him. Thank you so much for this experience, & I will definitely keep you in mind for future activities.

Lisa MenzelBaltara School - Special Person’s Day

We were extremely fortunate to have Shabba grace the Melbourne ITA stage. He entertained us all with his rhythmic beats and contagious excitement for music, dance and the African culture. Shabba’s passion for the music so deeply rooted in his tradition was truly inspiring. The meeting of hands and hearts created a most memorable experience for all present. Thank you Shabba. We’re all so very grateful for your care and generosity.

ShonaMelbourne Immigration and Transit Accommodation Centre

I really liked the lesson about cultural life in Africa at the end of the drumming. The children are still talking about it even now. I did however feel that the drumming/dancing program was less animated than it has been in previous years. I do understand that you were unwell when you visited us which I’m sure would have made an impact.

Kate McCulleyEarly Childhood Teacher - Latrobe City Council

The children are non stop talking about you, and ask “Can Shabba come again to teach African Dance and Drumming?”- The children loved your funny noises that you made and after you left we non stop trying to make the same noises – was very funny.- The next day the parents came in asking about what the children had seen because their child came home the night before talking non stop about what they had learnt/done from Shabba.- after you left the children just wanted pictures of the Ghana flag to paint- we loved Shabba and his singing. The way you responded to the children with additional needs was respectful and didn’t judge their capabilities or get frustrated when they came up and used your drum whist you were drumming. You are a true entertainer and respond well to all the children really well. We thank you heaps and cant wait for a visit next year again.

Erin TaylorEarly Childhood Teacher - Latrobe City Council

The African drumming was an absolute success. Shabba was able to engage the whole preschool group for the entire visit. He shared with the children aspects of his culture which prompted many question from the children. He has a great sense of humour and is welcome at our service. The children had a great deal of fun as was evident from the amount of noise and laughter coming from the room. See you next year.

Maree LesliePre-school program manager